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​Triumph Building Group has helped residents in Bucks and Montgomery Counties build the home of their dreams. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions our buyers have had through the years:

1. What kind of budget do I need to build a home with Triumph Building Group?
Determining a realistic budget for your new home is a step that is often overlooked and not adequately considered. Triumph Building Group (TBG) will work with you to create a realistic budget based on your wants and needs.
TBG will look at factors like:

  • The location of the property, the price of the lot, lot improvement costs (Well, septic, storm water management, tree clearing, utilities etc.).
  • Home size and style, exterior and interior finishes and any special features you wish to have in your new home.

Once all of this had been determined, TBG can determine the overall cost of construction and create a budget.

2. How much will the home cost me to build if I have my own lot?
If you have found or already own the perfect property where you would like to build your dream home, the total price of a new home will be determined based on what improvements are needed to make your property “building and permit ready,” in addition to the factors mentioned above.

3. How do I estimate costs if I need TBG to locate a lot for my new home?
TBG will gather information from you on your desired area and the property requirements you have, then begin searching for the perfect home site. There are no fees for this service. The fees you will incur during your home building project are strictly related to purchasing and improving the lot in addition to the cost to build the home.

4. How long will the entire process take?
On average, projects take approximately 7-9 months to complete. Of course, each project is unique, and the timing of your individual project will be dependent on factors like:

  • Do you have the lot, or do we need to help identify one for you? Timing will vary if we help to find a lot. If you have a lot, we will determine what improvements, if any are needed.
  • Using one of our home designs vs having a custom home designed with one of our preferred architects will also impact the overall schedule.
  • What will the size of the home be? The size of the home can have an impact on the build time.
  • What time of year will building occur? Weather is often a factor when building a new home and can affect the amount of time needed to build.
  • What township and or county approvals are necessary? Timing could also be impacted depending on the status of the property’s development. Is it “approved” as a residential building lot and has it been “improved” and ready for a building permit to be submitted. We will assist and or manage this entire process as requested by you. 

5. How will I select options for my new home?

When you work with TBG, you'll find all of the expertise you need under one roof. We will coordinate all phases of the home building process including but not limited to engineers, architects, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry and flooring providers along with professional interior designers. We will assist with making all of your appointments to visit their respective showrooms in order to select the items you'll need to make your house a home. In some cases, we can have samples of various selections for you to look at and select from right in our office.

6. Does TBG have a preferred lender for financing?
Yes, we have several preferred lenders who are very familiar with new construction and custom home building ready to meet with you and discuss the various financing programs that are available to you to select from.

7. When building a new custom home, what other costs (if any) should I be aware of?
All costs associated with the building of your new home will be discussed prior to breaking ground. If TBG is assisting you with finding a lot, once a lot has been found, we will work with you to determine the lot improvement costs (as applicable) upfront so that you can plan accordingly and minimize additional and unexpected costs along the way.

8. Do you have a design center or showroom?
At TBG, you will meet directly with our vendors and suppliers at their showrooms so that you can select exactly what you are looking for without limitation when designing and customizing your new home. We want this to be the home you have dreamed of and not the home we have predetermined for you by limiting the selections you have to choose from! Should you wish to have us streamline the process based on detailed design discussions, we can arrange for specific samples to be brought into our office.

9. What home plans do you have?
TBG has a variety of professionally designed home plans ready for you to preview. We can also arrange for you to meet directly with us and our preferred architect(s) to customize our current plans or to create a custom home design based on your needs, wants, and desires.

10. How does that work if I bring my own plans to you?
If you have your own set of architectural plans, TBG will meet with you to determine pricing which will include every detail, inside and out, in order to determine the overall cost of construction of your new home.

Triumph Building Group has over 20+ years of industry experience and expertise and is a full-service building group ready to help turn your dream of a new home into a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our superior service and to discuss how we can turn your dream into a reality.


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